Wednesday July 11, 2018

Today is July 11, 2018 and the last day before the free Shabbat/Shabbaton, and we did quite a few things. I personally woke up a bit late so I missed this but we did our morning ritual at the shoul where those who could read Hebrew prayed while everyone else (myself included) took classes of sort to help read the language. Soon after we left we embarked on a short (just over two kilometer) hike where we visited the lost city of Gambla. I personally think it was amazing, the views were second to none in all of Israel, the ruins had visible archeological history, and the stories as well as the story telling style that our tour guide, Ariel, gave were absolutely amazing. Then a bit after we had lunch at a park where we had schnitzel sandwiches, which was no surprise, but it tasted amazing, and it was a couple minutes later when I fully realized what it was for, to energize us for the Rafting. It wasn’t white water rafting or fast in general, but we were in a group that jumps and splashes all the time so it was fun. It was an at least 30 minute trip with my boat finishing first, and we made the best of it. The we came back to the Hotel, got dinner (which again was schnitzel), went into the circle where we talked and did our push up work outs, all before a meeting at the shoul where we talked about everything we would do July 12-16 of the trip. Then came the most refreshing free time of the trip up until 11:45.

-Sean Dery